Buy extreme gba Flash Advance Linker Card for backuping gba roms. Use Flash Advance Card or XG-Flash to play backup gba roms on GameBoy Advance or Color. Best prices 64M 125M 256M gba flash xtreme usb.

GameBoy Advance Flash Card for GBA Game rom development.


Play games on GBA for FREE with Flash Advance Card and Linker:

Recent GBA rom Projects

Flash Advance Cards for Game Boy are Just like a ReWritable CDs, Memory Stick from Sony, or like a Smart Card or Smart Media Card you are using for your MP3 Player, it will simply hold the game data (gba roms) in it's Flash Gameboy Advance Flash CardMemory. Once you have sent games, demos or freeware programs to it's memory using the Flash Advance Linker or Flash2Advance - it can be plugged into the Gameboy Advance and it will act like an original game cart - there game rom will work 100% the same as on non-rewritable nintendo gameboy cartridge > no difference!

The Flash Advance Linker was the first professional mass produced Game rom development device for the Gameboy™ Advance and still is the best! You connect it to the PC, plug in Flash Advance Card into the FALinker and now you can write roms to the FlashROM or read out and backup on your computer the Game roms from the Nintendo gba cartridges.

Flash Advance Card is the perfect choice for any professional Gameboy Advance developer - even home developers - Create your own games using your PC (free software is available) and simply use the Gameboy Flash Advance Card to show your game/demo to friendsor test it on real GBA Hardware. Believe it or not, even large software companies are developing their games using this Hardware.

Use GBA Flash Cards to preview games before you buy them and play thousands of FREE games that you can download from internet

Flash Advance Card can be re-written, feel free to use as often as you like, just the same like any other Flash Card on the market (Smart Media, Memory Stick etc.). Now there is even a SmartMedia card adapter for Gameboy called GameWallet.

Flash2Advance Linker or you can also find it under the name of Flash Linker 2 or II... is a link cable that connects Parallel Printer directly to Gameboy flash 2 advance linkerAdvance and lets you write gba game roms to the Flash Card that is plugged into the GBA. Because it is more simple it also costs less! It has its own F2A 64M and F2A 128M Flash Cards, but F2A 256M cart is the same as 256M Flash Advance Card and it can be used both on F2A and FA.

The XG Flash USB gameboy flash advance linker (a.k.a. EZ Flash) is yet another addition to the growing Gameboy Advance development scene. With the XG Flash being one of the smallest versions of other popular GBA development systems.

The best feature of the XG Flash is that it is probably the smallest flash and linker combination on the market today.

The XG Flash Flash Card is the same size as an original GBA Card and it is also hyped by the manufacturer as the smallest and fastest in the world. One of the better features of the XG Flash is that it can be upgraded simply by the software and therefore it appears to never be out-dated.


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GBA TV Tuner

This gameboy add-on turns it into a Portable TV tuner / Color Monitor. It lets you to watch your favorite TV shows on the handheld. The tuner can also be connected to existing DVD players, GameCube or other video game systems or any video/audio source via the A/V port. LCD control allows adjustment of screen colour, brightness and contrast. From the on screen menu you can also turn on or off video input/output. 99 programs can be stored in the memory for easy access.

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gameboy game wallet GmeWallet Game Wallet

A llows you to backup your games and play on your GBA console using smart media (SM) cards or flash cards. (both are needed for GW to work) As an extra added feature there is also a light built into the game walle which requires no external power source. By using SM cards the cost of storage is much cheaper. A 32MB (Bytes) Smart Media card is actually equivalent to a 256M (Bits) Flash Adavance card.

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